This information is for all those who wish to be met at the airport and delivered to your place of residence. Also, those who need to come from the hotel to the meeting of the Congress and back.

If you arrive by plane at terminal number “1”, then you should go down to the luggage compartment closer to exit “4A” and “4B”, near Starbucks. There will be a representative of the transport department of the congress (he will have a sign). Starting March 28 from 12 pm to 11 pm transport will depart every hour.
If you arrive at terminal 2, then you must also go down to the luggage compartment. In terminal number 2 there will also be a representative of the congress. Transport from the second terminal will leave at the same time as from the first.
If you arrive at another time you need to inform your brother responsible for the transport department Tysyachuk Vladimir (952) 217-2564. In this case, a special transport will be organized for you.