Albert Froese

Albert Froese

Albert Froese

Albert Frese, was born in 1980, in Kyrgyzstan, in a Christian family. After moving to Germany settled in Fulda. However, he was always attracted to a large, wide world, to other countries. Albert wanted to reach other people with his faith, and become a missionary.

After training in the management of the staff of the company Deutsche Bahn (German Railway), in 2002 he married Lydia. Already during the engagement it was clear that they would go to a foreign mission. Only two months later, they went to Kazakhstan.

In the church of Saran there was a need for a leader in music ministry, and since Albert actively served as a conductor in his hometown of Fulda, this should have been his ministry in the church of Sarani. In addition, Lydia and Albert worked in a state-recognized orphanage at the Saran Church as teachers and head of the orphanage. During this time, God gave them two sons.

After six years of serving in an orphanage, he was appointed to the Baptist Union as responsible for youth work. Brother Eduard Gagelgans was entrusted with the ministry of the teacher, and the task of Albert was to organize, plan and conduct youth activities. Of particular importance was the education and training of youth leaders. During this time, there was an opportunity to work with 60 youth leaders, accompany and train them, serve them, help counseling and help them fulfill the duties entrusted to them by God and the church.

In 2014, they had to leave Kazakhstan for family reasons and again go to Germany. Shortly after his return, Albert had the opportunity to begin his ministry in the department of public relations and information of the Bible mission. It was a real answer to their prayers, because it made it possible to still be active in missionary work.

In 2015, he was appointed Director of the Biblical Mission in Germany by the Mission Council. In addition, God gave the opportunity to include the girl Lana as a foster daughter in their family.

“My vision is: kindle young people with a love for the gospel and encourage them to serve others in their service, leading them to meet Jesus.”

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