Alexandr Sipko

Stumbling sins

I did not kill anyone, I did not commit adultery, I am in no way connected with drugs …. I read the Bible and pray, but I don’t feel spiritual growth ….
Who and what bothers me and puts
The “footboard”?
Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Heb. 12: 1.

Born in the small Siberian city of Tara, Omsk region.
The family had twelve children.
Today they are all adults, they have their own families, they all know the Lord.
Three of them are pastors.

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Andrey Chumakin

Apologetics, atheism

Andrei P. Chumakin was born on November 29, 1969 in a Christian family in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

Appealed to the Lord in 1983 and was baptized in 1990. He carried the ministry with the youth, preached and participated in the evangelistic ministry in Pavlodar region.

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Albert Froese

Mission - Blessing or curse

1. Миссия – сущность Бога
2. Миссия – в истории Христианства
3. Миссия – это образ жизни
4. Миссия – и церковь
5. Миссия – благословление
6. Миссия – роль миссионерских организации

Albert Frese, was born in 1980, in Kyrgyzstan, in a Christian family. After moving to Germany settled in Fulda. However, he was always attracted to a large, wide world, to other countries. Albert wanted to reach other people with his faith, and become a missionary.

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Vitaliy Buk

Authority of the Bible

Why does the Bible have the highest authority on earth?

  1. The Bible is inspired by God
  2. The Bible is inerrant (has no mistakes)
  3. The Bible is truthful and reliable
  4. The Bible is clear and sufficient
  5. The Bible can change lives

Pastor of the Church of Bethany, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vitali was born in 1973 in Beltsy, Moldova. At the age of 12 he turned to the Lord. From the age of 13 he actively participated in the youth life of c. Bethany Balti. Together with friends, I was at the beginning of the organization of the youth and youth group “Torch of Faith”. At age 15, began to preach. In 1993-1997 he studied at the Odessa Theological Seminary, after graduation he received a bachelor of theology degree. In 1999, together with his parents moved to the United States. In 2001-2003 he studied at the seminary of Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, AL, and after graduation he received a Master of Theology degree (M. Div.). In 2004-2005, he served as a chaplain at the Greensboro Hospital (Greensboro, NC). In May 2005 he was ordained to pastoral ministry by the Woodhaven Baptist Church, in Apex, NC. In 2005–2008, he served as a pastoral ministry at Spring Hill Baptist Church in Wagram, NC. In 2008-2011, he studied at the Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. Upon graduation and study and the thesis received a doctoral degree in practical theology (D. Min.). Since 2009, she has served in the ministry of the Bethany Church in Minneapolis. Together with his wife Lyudmila, she rejoices in the gift of God to the four children of Anna, David, Thomas and Stephen.

Igor Trebushnoy

Happy family - is it possible? (I want to get married)

Happy family – is it possible?
L.N. Tolstoy said: “In life, there is only one undoubted happiness – to live for another.”

How to prepare yourself for life with another person 30, 40 or maybe more years old and being sure not that you yourself get happy, but that your “half” is happy with you?
How to keep your spirit intact before marriage?
What you need to beware of and come to marriage without blemish in the shower?
What does it mean to keep your body holy until you enter into a legal relationship with your spouse?

Of course, we will study the Scriptures and get answers from Togo, who is the “Architect” of true happiness in marriage. We will definitely “consider” the image of Him Who knows how to make the most unhappy happy, although it was expensive to pay for it.
In the book of the Song of Songs the scene of the meeting of the bride with the bridegroom is described: “He brought me to the house of the feast, and his banner over me is love.” (Pesn.2: 4)
How blessed, at the beginning of a new life, to enter the house of a feast, and not the house of broken hopes and disappointments.

Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. After serving in the Soviet army, at the age of 20, together with his wife Lena, they went to live in the Far East of Russia in Blagoveshchensk.

Since 1991, ordained to pastoral service in the church. Until 1998, they served in the central church of Blagoveshchensk, and also performed active missionary service in the Amur Region.
He is currently serving as a senior pastor at the Evangelism Russian Baptist Church, Washington, and a member of the committee at the North-West European Union Association, USA.

She has three children and seven wonderful grandchildren.
The meaning of the name Igor is a defender of the name of God, which I try to do with God’s help.

I love to preach the gospel of youth and point out the power and power of God, and also share personal experience that living with the Lord is the right choice of a person. And this is not only right, but good and interesting.
I want to be myself filled with divine light, and also call on young people, following the example of Christ and His power to become a light for the world, which is in the darkness of godlessness.

Vladimir Sharikov

Владимир Шариков

How to deepen your spiritual life?

How to deepen your spiritual life?

Born in Krasnodar in 1966. At the age of 12, he accepted Jesus as a personal Savior. At the age of 15, he began to write poetry. At 17 – the youth ministry and the preacher of the Gospel. In 1988 he married Dina and had four children – Thaddeus, Susanna, Stefan and Matthew. In 1992 they moved to the USA. In 1995, he was ordained to the presbytery ministry. He is the author of four books, a teacher at the college, the head of the SFM mission, the chairman of the Central United States Churches Association, the author of a seminar on travel to Israel, a doctoral student in theology.

Boris Shiva

Counseling! Confession, Fatherhood ...

Counseling! Confession, Fatherhood …

Born on January 29, 1952 Prokopyevsk. Youth took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He was baptized in 1969. Grew up in a family with 14 children. From 1971 lived in Siberia. Married sister in the Lord Nadezhda, from a family with 18 children. In the family of Boris Vladimirovich there are 11 children and 23 grandsons. He has been pastor for over 30 years. All the years with love working with young people. Loves to work with people as a counselor. Attends churches in Ukraine, Germany, Greece, Spain, etc.

Sergey Cholostov

Biblical view of finance

Second pastor of the Church “Light of the Gospel”. Member of the Youth Council of the Northwest United States Churches. Executive Director of a property management company.

Born in the city of Dzhambul, Kazakhstan, in a large family of believing parents. In 1999 he moved to permanent residence in the United States, and since then all the time he lives and works in the city of Spokane, Washington. For over six years, he has been in presbytery ministry. Together with his wife Olga have three daughters.

In his life and ministry, Sergei always adhered to clear biblical principles that his father had taught since childhood. One of them: “Any work that you do for the Lord, you need to do qualitatively and from the soul.” Nothing less is unworthy of the God we serve!

Dmitriy Belous

What role does technology play in our Christian life?

For us believers, there has always been a question: what role does technology play in our Christian life? For example, Amish still do not use electricity. Radio chambers were once banned in churches, but they transmitted Christian broadcasts to closed countries and now every person has a radio in their car. TVs were banned, but many of us have seen the movie “Jesus,” and now many have televisions at home. There have been times of concern about the use of computers and the Internet, but this congress will be broadcast on the Internet. Today, perhaps many of you are reading this text on your phone, which has more power than computers that you used to help a person get to the moon. So, technology brings many dilemmas and contradictions in our lives. How can we, believers, relate to technology and use it correctly in our lives?

Я родился в 1982 году в семье верующих христиан-баптистов в Украине. Когда мне было тринадцать лет, моя семья решила эмигрировать. Мы поселились в маленьком штате Нью-Гэмпшир. Мне очень нравится природа в этом штате, особенно осень, но снега бывает здесь очень много!

Самый важный момент в моей жизни
Живя в христианской семье, я всегда слышал о Боге и даже посещал церковь. Но я прекрасно понимал, что я еще не испытал духовного возрождения в своей жизни. Я много знал о Боге, но не знал Бога лично. Другими словами, у меня не было личных отношений с Богом. В один прекрасный день, учительница христианской школы, в которой я учился, (её звали Мисс Фламинг), над которой я часто смеялся, сказала мне со слезами в глазах: “Дмитрий, тебя любит Бог.” Вроде бы очень простые слова, но эти слова очень сильно коснулись моей души, и я ощутил большую нужду в том, что мне нужен Бог, что я являюсь грешным человеком и нуждаюсь в том, чтобы Бог очистил и спас меня от моих грехов. Я обратился к Богу с молитвой покаяния в моих грехах и верой в то, что Иисус Христос пострадал на кресте за мои грехи. После этого покаяния и духовного возрождения я стал верующим человеком и последователем Иисуса Христа, моя жизнь просто радикально изменилась.  Я обрел мир и покой в моей душе, и также в моей жизни появились новые цели и ценности. Но самое главное — у меня появилось личное и живое общение с Богом через молитву и чтение Его Слова. Намного легче жить, когда у тебя есть надежда на Бога и доверие Ему. Нет ничего более прекрасней, чем жизнь с Богом. Я искренне желаю этого каждому человеку на земле.

Господь подарил мне чудесную супругу Ольгу, которою я очень сильно люблю. Она является моим другом, помощником и заботливой женой. Она всегда следит за тем, что я кушаю, и всегда старается убедить меня, что мне надо похудеть.У нас была мечта иметь деток сразу после свадьбы, но к сожалению мы не могли забеременеть в течение семи лет. После долгих молитв и визитов к разным докторам, Бог положил нам на сердце удочерить девочку Евдокию в возрасте 13 лет. Сразу же после того как мы решили пойти на этот серьезный шаг, и подписали документы, мы узнали что Оленька беременна сыном (Тимошей). Это чудо Божие в нашей жизни которому мы не перестаем удивляться! Слава Богу за Его милость к нам.

Последние два года я учился в христианской школе Calvary Christian School. После окончания школы я поступил в Pensacola Christian College. Там я проучился пять лет и получил два бакалавра: один в Computer Science (B.S.) а другой в Pastorial Ministries (B.A). После этого я окончил магистратуру в Southern New Hampshire University в Computer Science (M.S). После этого в 2014 году я закончил семинарию Pensacola Theological Seminary со степенью магистра (М.А. in Bible Exposition).

С 17 лет я проповедую и провожу молодежные. Также участвую проповедью на конференциях и ретритах, и другиx баптистскиx церквях. Несколько лет назад я был рукоположен на диакона. Сейчас несу служение ведущего пресвитера в Славянской Баптисткой церкви, Londonderry NH . Я также преподаю в Библейском колледже предметы Систематическое и Сравнительное богословие. После покаяния начал интересоваться историей ЕХБ, в результате основал веб сайт где я размещаю интересные статьи которые нахожу в интернете или материалы которые мне дают братья и сестры.

По профессии я инженер-программист (Software Engineer) и работою в страховой компании. Стараюсь балансировать между семьей, служением и работой. Кто занимается похожим делом, может увидеть мою работу здесь или на моем рабочем блоге. А также по вечерам я преподаю информационные технологии и компьютерные науки на программах подготовки к степени магистра и программах бакалаврского уровня в Southern New Hampshire University.

Люблю проводить время со своей семьёй, и общаться с друзьями, особенно говорить об Иисусе Христе. Мне вообще очень нравится говорить с людьми о Боге, особенно отвечать на вопросы коллег, с которыми я работаю. Мне также очень нравится путешествовать с моей женой Ольгой. Я также очень люблю читать, покупаю столько книг, что не успеваю их все прочитать.

Alex Faybe

How to evangelize the Jews?

How to evangelize the Jews?

1) What is the secret of evangelism for the salvation of the Jews?
2) God did not reject His people, which He knew beforehand!
3) What is the power of the gospel to the Jews, so that their Messiah, Jesus Christ, may live in their hearts?
4) What is the purpose of the Church of Christ for the salvation of Israel?

Alex Faibi, born in 1956 in a simple, large, non-religious Jewish family, in the city of Kishinev. Parents spoke mainly Yiddish, which I absorbed from my childhood. All the years up to the move to Israel, I was diligently not allowed to forget from which people I am.

After severe tests during the fatal illness of his wife in 1987, the Lord God, whom we did not know yet, performed a great miracle of healing, shaking and crushing our hearts, and many people around, who saw the power of God. The Lord with a strong hand turned me towards Himself and depriving me of peace, excites my heart to this day, to preach Christ to my people. The Lord called me to Himself, after the repentance of Regina’s wife in the local Chisinau Baptist Church in 1988, where we were baptized.

Since 1990 I have been living in Israel, where I declare the living Word of God, revealing, explaining and proving about the Messiah-Christ, Who was written in the Tanakh (Old Testament), Moses, David and all the Prophets.

For more than 20 years we have served the deaf, whom the Lord joins the local Church, for joint worship and glorification of God and Christ.

My wife and I have three children, two daughters and a son who, by the grace of God, serve in the Church. The eldest daughter translates from Hebrew and English into Russian, her husband is the pastor of the Church.

Son, teaches a group of young people in the Church, his wife leads a Sunday (Saturday) children’s group. The youngest daughter is responsible in the worship group.

The purpose of life is Christ, in order to fulfill His command by giving a debt in order to readily and without shame, to preach the gospel of salvation, first of all to Judea, then to Hellenes.

Alex Faibi, evangelist, pastor of the Church “Grace and Peace”

Alexandr Goncharenko

The art of winning

  • Theater of war
  • Invisible enemies with whom we are constantly face to face
  • Our combat mission
  • Belt of truth or way of thinking
  • Armor of Righteousness or Lifestyle
  • Willingness to preach peace or shared happiness
  • Shield of faith or how to win in defense
  • Helmet rescue or how not to go crazy
  • Spiritual sword or how to advance successfully
  • Prayer or headquarters
  • Weapons in action or how heroes of faith won
  • Test on full combat readiness

Born in 1971 in Jambul, Kazakhstan.
He was baptized in 1988.

After serving in the army in 1992, he began to preach in the church.
In 1995 he moved to the United States of America.
In 1999 I got married and have 5 children.
In 2008 he was ordained deacon ministry.
In 2012 he was ordained to pastoral ministry.
From 2013 to the present, I am a youth pastor at the Church of Grace in the city of Vancouver, Washington.

Hobby: to study, execute and teach the Word of God.

Vitaliy Boyko


The main pastor of the church “Light of the Gospel”. He graduated from the master’s program in social work. For many years he worked in the Washington State Unemployment Department arbitration.

Together with his wife Alena, they have two sons. Life credo: “Speaking with the heart. Favorite Bible verse: Deuteronomy 10: 12-13.

Alexandr Khreshchug

The significance of music in the Church worship!

  • Music is one of God’s finest gifts for man.
  • The essence and purpose of music and singing in the spiritual life of a Christian.
  • The spiritual significance of music ministry in the modern church: foundation, direction, principles, evaluation criteria, practical advice.

Alexander B. Khreshchug.

Kiev, Ukraine, doctor of ministry

Pastor of music ministry of the Central Baptist Church of the  “House of the Gospel” Kiev (since 1993) Chief conductor of the Kiev United Youth Choir and Symphony Orchestra of the ECB. (WCC ECB) Education: Kiev State Conservatory, Kiev Theological Seminary

Married for 30 years, with wife Irina raising 6 children (all children are active participants in various areas of church ministry)

Vladimir Pavunko

Evangelism and protection of the Christian faith

My name is Vladimir Alexandrovich Pavunko. I am 55 years old. Born and raised in the North Caucasus. After the army, been baptized. Married, have two children. At the moment, I am serving as a preacher in a local Russian-speaking church (RalstonHillsBaptistChurch). I am also engaged in small groups.

Graduated from St. Pererburg Christian University in 1993, receiving a bachelor’s degree. From 1993 to 1998, he studied at the Denver Conservative Biblical Seminary. After graduating from the seminary, he received a master’s degree in theology (Missiology and the New Testament).

Terms of interest: of course the Bible (especially the Minor Prophets, Proverbs of Jesus Christ, the Prayer of the Apostle Paul, Divine Holiness). In addition, I like to read, especially books on the protection of the Christian faith, homiletek, hermeneutics and artificial intelligence).

Maties Rosweluyk

Youth Camps

Title: “The Gospel as the Heart of Camp”


Camps: everybody does camp. But…why? Is it important how we do them? In this seminar, we will look at camping ministry as a powerful instrument or means, to influence people with the Gospel of Jesus. For this to happen we need to do 3 things:

  1. Put the Gospel in the GOALof your camp
  2. Put the Gospel in the Staffof your camp
  3. Put the Gospel in the Programof your camp

I was born in Argentina to a wonderful missionary family, where I was brought up by godly parents who love God. So missionary work was my environment since my childhood, doing exciting activities like camps, teen meetings, sport events and conferences. In 1992 my family moved to Ukraine to begin the ministry of “Word of Life” in that area, and it was during one of our summer camps when I was 12 years old that I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

In 2001 I made a special commitment to God, knowing he was calling me to full time missionary work, and by the end of 2004, after I finished Bible Institute in Argentina, I joined the Staff of “Word of Life Ukraine” as a full time missionary.

Over the years, I have been able to serve in ministries involving Local Churches, summer and winter camps and youth Conferences. The last years my ministry was focused on directing the ministry of the Bible Institute. In 2013, I assumed the leadership of the “Word of Life” ministry in Ukraine. Our passion is to instruct and teach young people through discipleship relationships, helping them become fruitful and effective in serving Jesus Christ!

I am married since 2007 to my wife Iryna and we have 2 awesome kids. Camellia (7) and Ayden is (4). I love sports, reading and learning about history. I have had the privilege of traveling to more than 20 countries to speak to young people about Jesus Christ. I speak 5 languages.

Ivan Tkach


The war that we can not lose.

“Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.”
Hebrews 12:4

The destructive influence of pornography on our lives.

  • Statistics
  • How pornography affects our physical life.
  • Soulful
  • Spiritual

Important steps to win.

  • Recognize your helplessness
  • Understand the nature of the enemy’s strategy
  • How to win yourself – the struggle in your heart
  • Trust the process

God’s armor for spiritual victory

  • Spiritual growth plan
  • Life in freedom
  • Help brother

Ivan S. Tkach was born on October 1, 1984 in a Christian family in Syngerey, in Moldova. He is the fifth child in a family of five children.
He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in 1997 and was baptized in 2002 in the church of Bethany, Minnesota.
In 2002 he moved with his family to permanent residence in the United States in the state of Minnesota.
Married to Tatyana, and have one kid. At the moment, waiting for the second child.
Dedicated to ministry among young people through personal meetings, various groups, extreme camps.
The creed of life is: To find the heart of Jesus – strong as a lion and meek as a lamb!