Accommodation during the Congress

Dear brothers and sisters. I want to clarify issues related to accommodation for the night during the congress.

In Minnesota, there are approximately 1,500 families including all Minnesota churches. In any case, we will not be able to accommodate all 5,000 delegates. But in the entire history of congresses, people have become acquainted with each other and are already agreeing directly. When we started asking people to take them for the night, they say we already have, we already have, we already have. Therefore, we have decided that we will not deal with accommodation, so that people directly agree on their own. I want to say that the believers of Minnesota are very sacrificial, the only very strange thing is, that we “Slavic people” can be unpredictable.

What are the options for accommodation:

  1. Find your friends or close relatives and ask them directly.
  2. Book hotels, as this is also part of our culture in America and we all live here and enjoy all the benefits.
  3. A request to all pastors and head of youth, and also parents, come with your children to stay with them at the hotel or where you will find, and there will be no problems.

Will there be translation to English on the Congress?

Dear friends. Interpreting services will be available during Youth Congress. You are welcome to invite your English-speaking friends to join this great event!

1. Will the Congress be held in the same place all three days or not?

2. Will parking be free or paid on Sunday, the last day of Congress?

3. Make a general overview of the schedule of the three days of Congress.

4. Is there an age limit?

5. How much does registration cost?

6. Can I pay by card?

7. How can the press service help young people learn more info before Congress?

8. What about the live broadcast during the congress?

9. Will there be a People of Congress magazine at the 3rd Congress?

10. Question about transport during the Congress.

11. Who do I need to call to be met at the airport?

12. Will there be transportation during the congress to the hotels and back?

13. Will they feed us at the Congress or do we need to ensure our lunch?

14. How is the life of Canadian youth, are they coming to Congress?

15. What are your expectations from the upcoming Congress?

16. What is the role of social media in the preparation?

17. What specific topics will be raised during sermons?

18. How were the preachers and all speakers of the Congress chosen?

19. Who will answer the youth questions round table?

20. Do ministers need to come with young people to this Congress?

21. Is it possible to register to be part of the program?

22. Will there be free time for communication during the Congress?