How to feed 3,000 people in 20 minutes?

How to feed 3,000 people in 20 minutes? Or as cooks prepare for the upcoming II Congress of Slavic Christian Youth of North America “You are the light of the world.”

On Sunday, April 12, a working meeting of a team of cooks and kitchen workers was held in the building of the Slavic Baptist Church of the city of Shakopi, Minnesota. To feed such a large number of guests for a short break, it is necessary to have a well-functioning work of a whole brigade of hardworking and very sacrificial people! This year several groups will work, the total number of which will be 60 kitchen workers (44 people from the churches of Minnesota, 16 people from the city of State College, PA). And this is not taking into account the team of waiters who will be responsible for the distribution of food. Kitchen work will begin at 6.00 am each day of the Congress.

In order for the kitchen to function as a clock, the employees are divided into subgroups, each of which is responsible for its own area of ​​work and has its responsible leader: 1) sweets / pastries, 2) cutting salads, 3) oven, 4) cooker, 5) dishwashers, 6 ) cutting of fruit, 7) distribution of drinks, 8) making of sandwiches, 9) assistants.

To get a little into the problems of kitchen staff, imagine yourself in a store with the following list of products:

For spaghetti with meat sauce, you will need 340 lbs of pasta, 480 lbs of beef and 90 jars of sauce;
For the Moskovsky salad, get ready to buy 250 lbs of potatoes, 720 eggs, 10 gallons of pickled cucumbers, 170 lbs of ham, 60 lbs of green peas and, of course, mayonnaise – 6 gallons;
For cabbage salad, you need 100 heads of this vegetable;
Baking for a sweet table is prepared with the caring hands of many housewives from all the churches of Minnesota, but other than that it is planned to buy Mexican buns for $ 500;
And do not forget about drinks: 960 bottles of water and 1,000 two-liter bottles of various soda.
Ship everything in your trunk, and now you can feed 3,000 guests with dinner!

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