II Congress of the Slavic Christian Youth of North America

Second Congress in 3 minutes

Resolution of the Congress

The event that everyone was waiting for – the II Congress “You are the light of the world” has now become part of our history. These three days were filled with important information, magnificent praise and joyful meetings. Thanks to digital technology, hundreds of photos and video clips captured every moment of the II Congress. Over 3,000 guests arrived from various states in the North.

America and other countries of the world. It was underlining the international status of the II Congress, the hall in Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN that was decorated with numerous state flags, symbolizing each of the arriving foreign delegations. Thousands of viewers from 53 countries watched the live broadcast via the Internet. Behind the whole grand three-day event, there are hundreds of hours of volunteer work of the organizing committee of the II Congress, as well as numerous departments: those responsible for the spiritual program, counseling department, prayer department, reception and guest accommodation, kitchen and supply workers, transport department, parking attendants and building, responsible for the design of halls and music ministry, sound and video operators, technical department, photographers and security services, medical staff and kindergarten staff for toddlers. And also all those who constantly prayed, received guests in their homes, baked sweets for dessert – all this is a huge team of the II Congress, through which the Lord revealed his glory and blessings. The biggest blessing of the II Congress was, of course, the prayers of repentance, which were delivered by more than a hundred young people.
The program of the II Congress was very intense: the morning service in the large hall of Grace Church, Eden Prairie (MN), after the lunch break – a large selection of seminars, where 15 topics were suggested that are relevant to today’s youth.

  • “How to conquer darkness,” about various occult influences and how to resist them (pastor of the Bethany church in Minneapolis, Vitaly Bak);
  • “How to fix our lamps” and shine brightly in this world (a missionary with 30 years of experience, Ruth Shalenko);
  • about the biblical path to achieving influence (delegate from Ukraine, young pastor Andrei Korneychuk);
  • practical advice on how to preach the gospel (Assistant Chairman of the Russian Union of ECB, Amir Usmonov);
  • about practical leadership and about the characteristics of a good leader (the young director of the youth volunteer program in California – Peter Tkachuk);
  • how to properly manage finances so that they bring glory to God (John Vibe, president of the Mennonite Brotherhood Foundation, financial analyst and head of the financial ministry);
  • about the Biblical view of material life (Konstantin Lihovodov, pastor of the Word of Life church from Portland);
  • about dependence on social networks and the Internet (guest from Germany, blogger, journalist and minister Andreas Patz);
  • about modern Christian music (Vadim Dakhnenko, Master of Pedagogy, Theology and Music, as well as responsible for orphan services in Ukraine);
  • seminar on the topic “Family” (guest from Ukraine, preacher Stanislav Gruntkovsky);
  • what it takes to be a light (President of the Alliance of the Slavic Churches of the ECB in the US, Alexander Sipko);
  • how to shine in a dark world (Vitaly Korchevsky, chairman of the Union of Slavic Churches of the ECB and pastor of the church in Philadelphia);
  • which way the light spreads (teacher, speaker and guest from Moldova, Alexander Gyrbu);
  • how to recognize spiritual gifts (Yuri Shelestun, pastor of the Dobrya Pristan church, Kiev) All these seminars are available in the recording, thanks to the tremendous work done by the technical team.In the evening, all participants in the II Congress again gathered together for joint prayer and worship of the Lord. This time the organizers of the II Congress embodied many new ideas. One of them is the national worship team, which consisted of 10 young singing brothers and musicians from different states of the USA (California, Pennsylvania, Washington and Minnesota). Thus, in this musical group talents united, come from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan. On Sunday, April 26, 2015, more than five thousand people attended the ceremonial closing of the Congress. For this, a hall was taken at the Convention Center in the center of Minneapolis. Also there was a lottery sponsored by the Bible Mission (Germany) for mission trip. At the very beginning of the Congress, it was announced that anyone can fill out an application form for participation

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